J o l a n t a   K .  L u b a r s k a

I was born in Polen where I finished 9 years of education in the National Ballet School in Warsaw. I wanted to use the education to make a career for myself as a choreographer.

It so happened that I came to Denmark in 1971 and my course of life ended up quite differently. The Ballet World was in necessity given up. Though, to express my thoughts, feelings and great
interest in the human body and movement I started painting and to writing poems. I joined different schools of art and painting.  1988-91 with visual painter Helen Skjoldbirk.  1990-91 with stonemason Poul Hansen, Copenhagen SV where I was trained in working with granite. My sculptures decorate several places within Novo Nordic both in Denmark, United States and China.

Today – instead of using ballet shoes – I use granite, chisel, brushes, oil colors, paper and pencil. But my wish is the same, that is to catch the form and movement and transform it into thoughts and feelings.

On the page “Live your life now” you can read some of my thoughts which to me has been of great importance in order to create a more harmonic and meaningful life.